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When it comes to design and construction we stand alone.    

Compare our structures to the competition:

While some of our competitors incorporate a couple of the design aspects that come standard in every Holden Building, no other company in the industry packs as many premium features into their structures.

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Integrity From The Ground Up

At Holden Buildings, Integrity is more than just a slogan.  

Our dedicated employees work hard to ensure every building leaving our plant will meet and exceed your expectations.

Floor and Below

Everything under the floor of a Holden Building is pressure treated lumber.  The 4"x6" skids provide a solid base and facilitate loading the building for delivery. Skids are notched 1" for greater structural integrity and for added height on the interior. Every building gets 2"x6" floor joists (no 2"x4" floor joists on  any of our sheds!). Joists are set on 16"  centers (12" centers on Garages) to ensure that weight is distributed evenly across a sturdy floor.  Once the joists are in place and the edge band attached, the floor is squared before it is secured to the skids.  Joists are then topped with 3/4", lifetime warranty, AdvanTech Flooring (no thin 5/8" plywood on our floors!).  This tongue & groove, engineered wood product is extremely durable, rigid and has revolutionized flooring!

Walls, Lofts, & Rafters

Unlike many portable manufacturers who try to save money by spacing their wall framing up to 24" or 36", our 2"x4" stud walls are laid out on 16" centers (as in new home construction), then we add an extra double-stud at each exterior siding joint for maximum strength and rigidity. Walls are sided with 50 year LP SmartSide siding & trim, coated with  Premium Paint or Urethane. Lofted buildings get 2"x6" Loft joists (and larger) set on 16" centers, instead of cheaper 2"x4"s on 24" centers that competitors put in many sheds. Also as in new home construction, our engineered, pressed 2"x4" trusses are laid out on 16" centers (another Holden exclusive feature) and set on beefed-up top plates, constructed of  2"x4"s topped by 2"x8"s that are double overlap locked together in the corners, before being sheathed with 1/2" OSB decking. We use ring-shank galvanized nails which provide maximum strength and longevity and leave no rust spots or stains. 

Loft 520.jpg

Metal or composition roofs are the same price.


We use Metal Max 29 gauge roof metal, pre-drilled for precision, & fastened with galvanized wood binding screws to the continuous decking (over 16" spaced trusses) for a durable, sturdy & long-lasting roof. 


Tamko 30 Year Dimensional Shingles are installed by our professional roofing crew with oversize drip edge and 1" roof nails.  


Take a look at the full line of colors on our charts and decide what is best for you.  


Every Holden Building today is sided with LP Smartside & Trim, revolutionary engineered wood products that come with a textured, pre-primed surface that is ready for the coating of your choice, whether you want the stained cedar look of our Haley Urethanes, choose a paint scheme from our line-up of standard color options, or pick your own custom paint colors at no additional charge! 

LP trim_edited.png

Warranty Information

Every Holden Building is backed by a 7 Year Warranty[1] against workmanship defect. We also warrant the quality materials used to construct your building for a period of 1 year[2], in addition to the following Manufacturers' Warranties that extend to the original purchaser;


  • Tamko Heritage 30 yr Shingles: 30 yr Limited, 15 yr Full Start protection period,     15 yr Limited Wind up to 110 MPH  

  • LP SmartSide: 50 yr Limited Warranty

  • SmartCore T1-11 Siding: Martco Guarantee

  • Metal Max Roof Metal: 20 yr Paint Warranty

  • Valspar Duramax Premium Coatings: Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Haley Urethane Finish: 10/25 Year Warranty and No Fade Guarantee

  • Weatherproofing Sealer: 6 yr decks, 8 yr siding

  • Advantech Flooring: Lifetime Limited Warranty

  • Pressure Treated Lumber(s): 20 yr to Limited Lifetime Warranties 


[1] Holden Buildings will repair or replace components that do not provide reasonable service under normal use, due to workmanship defect, for a period of 7 (seven) years.


[2] Holden Buildings will repair or replace components that do not provide reasonable service under normal use, due to material defect, for a period of 1 (one) year. Holden Buildings shall not be responsible for minor imperfections and natural characteristics of wood that do not compromise the structural integrity of your building, such as; wane (the bark edge of the tree), check (slight splits not through the thickness of the board), shake (separation of grain between the growth rings), sap pockets, knots and knot holes, bow (end to end warping), cup (edge to edge warping), crook (end to end warping along crown) or twist. These small defects are inherent in wood products and are found in all types of construction, including typical home construction, despite being hidden by drywall, etc. and are not generally cause for warranty repair. If you think an imperfection in your building exceeds the description of “minor defect”, please submit photos of the suspected component for our review. 

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