Studio Escape

When "just a shed" won't do. 

The modern design and abundant light from it's window array make this model the perfect building for so many things, from your own personal escape to a home office. 

Studio Escape  Charcoal-Taupe_edited.jpg


It's one-of-a-kind.

With it's "pitch perfect" mono slope roof, generous eve overhangs on the front and sides, overhead transom windows, and entry door flanked by 6' vertical windows... the Holden Studio Escape brings an aesthetic appeal that is unmatched. Add a couple of premium options like the full glass door or suspended awning and your backyard will be the envy of everyone!


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Studio Escape Lt Stone_edited.jpg
Studio Escape Front View Charcoal-Taupe.png
Studio Escape Side View Charcoal-Taupe.png
Studio Escape- Uptown Package_edited.jpg