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Online Bill Pay

H&H Management 

Use a credit or debit card to make your monthly lease payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find My Account Number? Answer: Your account number will appear on the pages of your payment coupon book. You can also contact our office at (417) 625-1100.

What Other Payment Options Are Available? Answer: We offer several payment options- *Set up a direct draft ACH that will automatically debit your payment on your due date each month (super convenient!) *Mail a check or money order with your payment coupon each month *Pay with debit or credit card by phone (incurs a $3 conv fee *Pay in person at our Joplin, MO office (not available at satellite dealerships)

Can I Set Up Monthly Reoccurring Billing To My Card? Answer: Yes*. Upon completion of a one page authorization form, we will automatically debit your payment from your card each month on your due date *There is a $5.00 per month administrative fee for this service., however we offer a free reoccurring payment option: ACH Direct Draft, which automatiaclly debits your payment from a checking or savings account. Contact our office for more info or to set up reoccurring billing.

When Does A Reinstatement/Late Fee Apply? Answer: Your payment due date is listed on the first page of your lease contract (either the 1st, 3rd, or 15th of each month). There is a 10 day grace period, after which, a late fee applies. [Example: If your payment is due on the 15th, it is considered late if not recieved by the 25th.] Standard Late Fee is $20.00. Consult your lease contract or payment coupon book or contact us if you do not know the amout of your late fee.

How Do I Exercise The Early Payoff Option Of My Lease? The formula to caluculate the Early Payoff is explained in your lease purchase contract. If believe you are ready to excercise your Early Payoff Option, please contact the office for your current payoff. We can only offer payments by mail or in-person payments for Early Payoffs. We are unable to accept credit and debit cards online for Early Payoffs.

NOTICE: Online BillPay is for monthly lease payments only. We cannot accept early payoffs by credit or debit card without prior office approval and service charges apply. 


Holden Dealer Payment Portal

No refunds of payments made online.

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