Lease To Own

Our buildings are the perfect solution for customers with many different needs; From providing office space or a lake house, to a permanent residence or just getting them out of that costly mini-storage unit!  


But let's face it, whatever the reason, not all of us

today are in a position to pay cash for the building we need. 



We want to make it as easy as possible for YOU to become an OWNER!

   That's why we designed our flexible, affordable LeasePurchase plans;



  • No Credit Check

  • Everyone Approved

  • No Security Deposit*

  • 12 - 60 Month Plans

  • One Payment Down

  • Free Delivery & Setup


  * Security Deposits required on 14' & 16' wides

** Lowest Payment Guarantee applies to standard pricing on buildings from Qualifying Competitors.          Building must be a comparable model with identical options and on the same length of terms.                Exclusions include but  are not limited to; specials, discounts, and pre-owned or repo buildings.    

Questions about Lease to Own? 

Which Storage solution is right for you??

A Cost / Benefit Comparison:

Holden Buildings

Lease To Own

Mini Storage

Unit Rental

Sizes Available                                  8'x8' to 16'x40'                                       4'x10' & up  


Access At Home                                       YES                                                       NO


Can Be Moved                                          YES                                                       NO


Customization Available                           YES                                                       NO


Lofts Available                                          YES                                                       NO


Ownership Obtained                                  YES                                                       NO


Cost Comparison- Size                           10' x 16'                                               10' x 15'

                                                         Utility   /   Lofted Barn


Monthly Rental*                               $92            $104                                            $115


One Year Cost                                  $1,104        $1,248                                        $1,380


Five Year Cost                                  $5,520        $6,240                                        $6,900


Eight Year Cost                                $5,520         $6,240                                       $11,040


Ten Year Cost                                   $5,520         $6,240                                       $13,800


*Unit rental rates from advertised prices in NW Arkansas. LTO payments on

60 month plans, all prices do not include taxes, & are current as of October 2019.                                                            



utility in backyard_edited.jpg
mini storage 2.jpg

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Cost Comparison